Enterprise-Grade Monero Wallet.

Convenient. Secure. Non-custodial.

Recovery Key

With a trusted party of your choice.

Client Key

Only ever decrypted on-premise.


We have this one.

RINO Enterprise Suite

RINO Wallet is part of the RINO Enterprise Suite. Together, its components allow your organisation to transact, safekeep, and integrate Monero.

Why RINO Enterprise Wallet?

RINO is the only Enterprise-grade Monero wallet on the market.
Share wallets safely within your organisation

RINO allows you to share wallets safely within your organisation:

  • Multi-user access;
  • Spending controls including per-transaction and daily limits;
  • Read-only access for your accountants;
  • Spending approvals with n-of-m approval schemes.

RINO is the only Monero wallet with these features.

Retain control

You don't have to trust us – we don't have custody of your money.

RINO uses MPC technology to ensure key separation.

Check out the FAQ on how MPC works.
We use reproducible builds to guarantee that we really do what we promise.

Get enterprise features

Spending controls, access 2FA, reproducible builds and 3rd-party key custody ensure the security of your funds.

Data export, enhanced notification, API/SDK integration and many more features enable your organisation to start using Monero tomorrow.

Integrate Monero

RINO Enterprise Wallet allows you to integrate Monero into your products safely. Using RINO as your hot wallet backend protects you from hackers, rogue employees and other forms of key-loss.

RINO offers a single, unified and sane interface to Monero. Client-side crypto in JavaScript and Python enables you to do all the cryptography on-premise, safely.

RINO also offers all the required Monero infrastructure: we run the nodes, handle protocol updates, hardforks, and security. Check out the RINO Enterprise Suite for more details.

Getting Started

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Sign up for RINO Enterprise Wallet using our pay-as-you-go model. Under this model, you pay a higher fee for transfers but are not required to buy a subscription.

This is ideal to evaluate whether RINO Enterprise Wallet suits our organisation.